The Tale of the Happy Biscuit

It was bedtime, and Alex was supposed to be sleeping.
But all he could think about was what he could be eating.

He tiptoed quietly down the hall,
Careful not to make a sound at all.

He crept into the kitchen and looked upon the shelf,
And found a small baggy with one biscuit by itself.

He opened the baggy. The biscuit bounced to the floor.
Alex was surprised, but oh so anxious to see more.

The biscuit sprouted legs and hopped on the table.
It wanted to dance — it was ready and able.

It jumped and twirled,
It bounced and swirled.

The biscuit was spinning,
And Alex was grinning.

The biscuit jumped high and hit the ceiling fan.
It broke into crumbs and on the floor did land.

Alex looked at the floor and was amazed at what he saw.
The crumbs! They were dancing! Yes, they were dancing one and all.

They jumped and twirled,
They bounced and swirled.

The crumbs couldn’t stop spinning.
Alex couldn’t stop grinning.

The crumbs bounced a long time – it seemed like forever.
The pieces swirled, and soon they all stuck together.

They were one biscuit that rolled along the floor,
Circled the table, and rolled out the front door.

The excitement left Alex a sleepyhead.
He tiptoed to his room and crawled into bed.

Soon he was asleep and didn’t hear a sound,
As the biscuit kept rolling all through the town.

© Natalie Goodwin, 2020